Mobile Phone Links in Vietnam

Mobile Phones: www.my-siemens.com
    International Mobile Phone Hotlines
Siemens in Vietnam: www.siemens.com.vn
    Mobile Phones in Vietnam

Vietnamese Network Providers:
GPC/VinaPhone: www.gpc.vnn.vn
VMS/MobiFone: www.mobifone.com.vn

Other Related Sites:
VNPT: www.vnpt.com.vn
MPT: www.mpt.gov.vn

Download English User Manuals from Siemens' site:
A35 (pdf, 1.29 MB) - C35i (pdf, 1.13 MB) - M35i (pdf, 1.11MB) - S35i (pdf, 1.16 MB)
A40 (pdf, 1.45 MB) - S40 (pdf, 1.59 MB)
C45 (pdf, 0.96 MB) - ME45 (pdf, 3.49 MB) - S45i (pdf, 1.75 MB) - SL45i (pdf, 2.01MB)
A50 (pdf, 1.94 MB) - CL50 (pdf, 1.59 MB) - M50 (pdf, 1.09 MB) - MT50 (pdf, 0.99 MB)
A55 (pdf, 1.89 MB) - C55 (pdf, 2.06 MB) - S55 (pdf, 2.22 MB) - SL55 (pdf, 2.41 MB)


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