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Open Positions

We are permanently looking for dynamic people who like to be part of our team.
In general, we value experience and personality more than formal education.
And we always encourage students to gain experience and some money by working part-time. Several of our employees started as students with us....

At present, we are looking especially to fill the following positions:

Mobile Phone Department in Hanoi:

One Customer Care Staff, full-time
preferably female between 20 and 30 years old. English language skills preferred.
Tasks: Assist customers with requests regarding their mobile phones. Handle repairs. Help our customers choose the right phone for them.
Working time is flexible (e.g. no work in the morning), but will often be until about 19:00,
including Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.
Contact: jobs@opticom-vn.com

Office ICT Department in Hanoi:

One Marketing Person, part-time
preferably female between 20 and 35 years old. English language skills required.
Tasks: Together with the management, define our products, find new customers,
be our customer's advocat to make sure that our service to them is better than they expect.
Contact: jobs@opticom-vn.com

One WebDesigner, part-time
Basic English language skills required. Web programming skills, like php, Perl, Java Script, mySQL advantageous.
Tasks: Together with our WebProgrammer design websites for our customer and for internal purposes.
Contact: jobs@opticom-vn.com

One WebTranslator, part-time
English language skills required. HTML knowledge advantageous.
Tasks: Translate Webpages from English to Vietnamese and vice versa.
Contact: jobs@opticom-vn.com

Mobile Phone Department in Ho Chi Minh City:

(no open position at this time)

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