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Note: Some of the websites use "framed pages" which make it impossible to directly link to them.
Our archives show the pages as they appear when linked from the original site, i.e. including all the other frames.

February 2003
Opticom launches football website
i-today (online news, in Vietnamese): www.i-today.com.vn - archives on our site
  FPT (ISP): www.FPTnet.com.vn - archives on our site
  Teltic (ISP): teltic.vnn.vn -
Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (local daily Vietnamese newspaper): (not online)
  VNN (ISP): www.saigon.vnn.vn -
  SaigonNet (ISP): www.saigonnet.vn -
Saigon Times (local daily English newspaper): (not online)
  AboutViet.net (online news): www.AboutViet.net -

December 2001
A seminar to develop e-commerce held in Ha Noi
VTV News (national TV): www.vtv.org.vn - archives on our site

July 2000
New laws needed for e-biz growth
Vietnam News (national English daily newspaper): (not on original site anymore) - archives on our site
  VNN (ISP): (not on original site anymore) - archives on our site


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